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TRV Digital Media is an award-winning video communications group trusted by Fortune 50 communications teams and non-profit organizations. Our core competency is multi-camera, live streaming and webcasting. Based in Charlotte and serving the surrounding areas TRV Digital Media offers state of the art, digital technology to meet your internal and external communication, marketing, sales and training needs.

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With more than 25 years in corporate executive communication and brand marketing we’re unique in that we own the end-to-end solution including a custom web portal for streaming with no need for third-party streaming platforms. Our content distribution network is Akamai using Amazon web servers, two trusted names in world-wide content distribution


Who We Serve

For more than 25 years, TRV has worked with diverse business partners including:



Town Hall Meetings






Shareholder Meetings






Sales & Product Marketing



Continuing Education Credits







Our Services

At TVR Digital Media, we take pride in offering high definition event production. Our video communication experts have just the right package.

Our services include:
• Live Streaming
• Webcasting
• Multi-Camera Video Production

Executive Communications

The value of webcasting in a corporate environment is in the cost per viewer. To a company that recognizes that great communication is a key to an engaged workforce, webcasting is a natural choice. In today’s business world, sharing business intelligence, discussions, training, news and info that you do not want to share outside your organization demands some level of webcasting. Exactly how to securely webcast within a company that is busy doing what it does, has been the stumbling block. Defaulting to the simplest and most unorganized types of webcasts such as screen sharing applications can create a sense of disorganization and lack of effort on the part of management by the workforce. As with any communication effort to present a quality product in webcasting, some knowledge of the options is needed. That requires some simple research.
To those that do investigate the task of producing secure live webcasts reliably with a properly professional image, high quality video and graphics and often on very short notice, the big picture emerges. The job of live webcasting a consistent message to a large audience, in a professional manner securely reveals the complex web of skills and technologies that are needed. Our experienced leadership and production team will handle every element of your event Executive livestream including setup, lighting, sound, Executive rehearsal and on-camera training.

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Live streaming-Webcasting

TRV Digital Media produces live streaming video content for a diverse group of organizations including live town hall meetings, executive communications, conferences and sales events. Don’t let security concerns scare you away from live streaming. Turn your office or conference room into a studio. You provide the internet connection, we do the rest!

  • Shareholders Meetings
  • Town Hall and All Hands meetings
  • Team Training
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Special Events
  • Conferences
  • And more
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Before you choose your next livestream provider ask these questions

  • Do I get a custom, branded media portal built exclusively for my event?
  • Do you provide all staff before, during and after the event?
  • Do you provide integrated user registration and management?
  • Do you include all web hosting and content delivery/streaming?
  • Do you include pre-webcast testing and any required pre-production?
  • Can we choose a unique URL web address for our portal?
  • Can we have an unlimited number of webcast participants?
  • Do we get complete access to and control of webcast archives?
  • Can we add speaker photos/bios, website links, session descriptions and a full agenda?
  • Is there Live Q&A, and user reporting for immediate feedback?
  • Do you integrate with our internet merchant account or Paypal so we can monetize the event?
  • Do you offer continuing education credits with your livestream services?
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Why We Stand Out

More than 25 Years

TVR Digital Media has been in executive video communications for more than 25 years guiding C level executives in Fortune 50 companies as well as non-profit organizations with limited resources.

Professional Crew

The TVR Digital Media team is professional and experienced in live and pre-produced, multi-camera, executive communication events, sound, lighting and event production logistics.

Customized live-stream portals

Custom livestream web portal with:
Secure log in
No Audience Limits
Custom URL
Chat / Q&A
On-Demand Archives
Post event editing
No software downloads
Complete reporting and metrics
Single website for live & on-Demand
Global Redundant CDN
Pay wall
C/E Credits

How our video live-streaming services make us unique.

  • Choose your own web address.
  • Live events become on-demand archives.
  • Single and concurrent sessions.
  • Technical support.
  • Complete brand control.
live streaming

Contact Us

If you need broadcast quality, live streaming for your corporate or non-profit event TVR Digital Media would love to serve you and your team. It’s what we do.
We have been working with partners in the Charlotte and surrounding areas for more than 25 years.
To learn more about our live streaming, custom web portal and multi-camera production send us a message or give us a call (704) 975-5061.